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How to Share Photos with Clients: The Ultimate Guide

The comprehensive guide to sharing all of your photos with your wonderful clients! Learn the best way to get your images into your client’s hands without jumping you (or them) through any unnecessary hoops!

What in the World is an Ideal Client?!

It’s time to talk about what “Ideal Client” really means. Why is it important? What can I do with knowing something like this? Let’s find out!

Photographers, Here’s Why You Need to Know Your Ideal Client

It’s time to take the mystery out of booking clients. As photographers, we need to know who we’re wanting to work with! The only way to understand that is by identifying your Ideal Client.

The Best Free Client Photo Gallery for a Photographer’s Brand

Have you heard of the free client gallery solution for photographers? CloudSpot allows you to create a Free account and upload images onto their platform so that you can easily deliver your photos to clients!
New Feature

✨NEW✨ Manage, Share, and Upload Galleries on Mobile!

Creating beautiful photo galleries is easier than ever for photographers on the go! CloudSpot's dashboard is now accessible on any mobile device so you can manage your business from anywhere!
New Feature

The New CloudSpot Experience is Here!

Meet the brand new layout and interface of CloudSpot! We took all of the wonderful feedback that our users have been sending our way and made some awesome changes!
New Feature

✨NEW✨ Gallery Dark Theme, Layouts, and 9 More Languages

CloudSpot galleries now have a dark theme option for those times when the mood is right along with more gallery layout options and 9 new languages!
New Feature

✨NEW✨Multiple Client Favorite Lists

It is now easier than ever for clients to save favorited images in their galleries to one or more lists! Multiple favorites lists will change the way that your clients make selections and streamline your workflow!

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