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New Feature

✨ NEW ✨ Store Checkout with Apple Pay and Google Pay

The easiest way for photographers to sell photos online just got easier! Your clients can now checkout with a touch using Apple Pay or Google Pay directly in your Store.

✨ NEW ✨ Custom Expiration Reminders

CloudSpot’s custom expiration reminders are designed to help you automatically save time and serve your clients without missing a beat!
Print Sales

CloudSpot 2020 Holiday Ordering Deadlines

To set your client’s expectations, it’s important to communicate when orders need to be placed in order to arrive in a timely manner. Because of the sheer number of packages that are being shipped across the country, we’ve compiled a list of Holiday Ordering Deadlines that will allow your clients to order with confidence.
Print Sales

4 Reasons Every Photographer Should be Selling Prints Online

If you’re a photographer and you’re not selling prints online, you’re missing out on a huge component of a thriving photography business. From generating more cash to providing more value to customers, prints are an incredible way to take your brand to the next level.
New Feature

✨ NEW ✨ CloudSpot Storefront Experience

CloudSpot’s new store experience gives your clients confidence when they buy, paving the way for you to set yourself apart and earn more in every gallery.

3 Simple Ways Photographers Can Use Automation for Better Workflows

Photographers can now save time by connecting CloudSpot and Zapier to simplify marketing workflows, streamline sales reporting, and eliminate administrative busywork!
New Feature

✨ NEW ✨ CloudSpot Zapier Integration

With CloudSpot’s new Zapier integration, you can save time and automate your busywork away by automatically connecting the tools you use most.

CloudSpot Stands for Equality

We abhor racism and the crimes and injustices it has caused in our nation. The Black community and society are hurting, scared, outraged, and exhausted. We want our community at CloudSpot to be a safe space to listen if you feel unheard. We desire change and wholeheartedly support equality, inclusion, and unity as our society fights against systemic racism.

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