n the wake of COVID-19, many state governors are issuing "Stay at Home" orders and requiring all non-essential businesses to close operations. This blog post is designed to give a continuous update on the operational and shipping status of CloudSpot's Partner Labs. That includes Miller's Lab, MPIX, and WHCC.

(📣 Post last updated on 3/28/20 )

White House Custom Colour (WHCC)

Status: Closed (until 4/10)

The state of Minnesota recently released a Stay at Home order which declares that all non-essential businesses must close until April 10th. This means that, as of March 27th, WHCC will no longer able to print and manufacture items in their lab. Orders submitted before then will be processed to the best of their team's ability.

This situation is ever-changing, and we anticipate that WHCC will follow the instructions of any state-issued guidance leading up to their planned reopen date.

Miller's Professional Imaging & MPIX

Status: Closed (until 4/19)

Due to a stay-at-home orders that have been issued by local government officials in both Columbia, MO and Pittsburg, KS - Miller's is closing both of their locations. This is in an effort to keep both employees and customers safe.

As of 3/29, both locations will be closed and plan to reopen on April 19th.


📣During these lab closures, orders can still be placed through your CloudSpot galleries like normal and all prints/products will go into production and shipped after each lab reopens.

🚨We have placed a note regarding these delays in your gallery during the checkout process so your clients will be aware of the extended production time.


If you have any questions during this uncertain time, CloudSpot's support team is available to provide guidance based on the information that we've received. Need to reach us right away? Send an email to support@cloudspot.io for help 🙌

Mar 26, 2020
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