hen was the last time that you thought about your business?

I don’t mean just in general, like when you respond to an email or send a contract to a client. I mean really thinking through your business; taking a 30,000-foot view to evaluate what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. When it comes to running a small business, many creatives spend less time actually creating and more time than they ever imagined struggling through a seemingly endless pile of busywork – sometimes without even knowing it! 

The reality is that we constantly waste time on tasks that do not contribute to building the value of our businesses; tasks that can easily be delegated to someone, or something else.

Enter CloudSpot’s brand new Zapier Integration. 

With Zapier, you can connect CloudSpot with thousands of apps and pull information from one platform to another (through an automated workflow called a Zap). Imagine how much time you would save by eliminating that nagging “to-do” list! With Zapier’s help, you can finally cross off that never-ending busywork so that you can focus on doing what you love. 

Let’s take a look at some of the incredible ways that Zapier can help you simplify your workflow and automate away your busywork!

Using Zapier to Automate Email Marketing

Adding your gallery visitors to your email marketing list manually can be incredibly time-consuming. Time spent adding those addresses to CSV or inputting them manually is a lot of work!

With CloudSpot's Zapier integration, you can Zap any gallery visitor's email address directly to email marketing systems like Flodesk. Once your gallery visitors are added to your list in Flodesk, designing and implementing beautiful looking campaigns is a cinch.  

Checkout the Zap template below, or visit our help center for detailed information on connecting CloudSpot and Flodesk. 

Bonus tip: if you’re looking to expand your Facebook marketing capabilities, you can automatically add CloudSpot gallery visitors to a Facebook Custom audience with this premium zap. 

Using Zapier to Automate Sales Tracking

Have you been looking for an easier way to keep track of your store orders? As a small business owner, tax time can be difficult enough. Tracking down every print (or even digital) order that you receive from your client galleries is a huge task!

With CloudSpot's Zapier integration, you can Zap new order information directly to a Google Sheet and easily track things like sales tax collected and total order amount! Our team has gone so far as to design a Sales Tracker Template to make tracking your order information even easier.

Checkout the Zap template below, and visit our help center to grab a copy of the Sales Tracker Template.

Using Zapier to Automate Administrative Tasks

Customer Relationship Managers (CRM) are incredibly useful for keeping track of your client’s information. Though, inevitably you’ll find yourself digging through your contacts trying to unearth the right email address when sending out a gallery from CloudSpot. 

With CloudSpot's Zapier integration, you can automatically Zap any new contact from a CRM like Dubsado directly to your CloudSpot Contacts section! That way, when it comes time to send off that gallery, your client’s email address is available when it matters most.

Checkout the Zap template below, or visit our help center for detailed information on connecting CloudSpot and Dubsado.


Looking for more zaps? Visit our Help Center or head to CloudSpot’s integration section for easy to use templates.

Oct 21, 2020
Try CloudSpot client galleries for photographers for free!
Try CloudSpot client galleries for photographers for free!

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