Three Reasons You Need This Image Hosting Software as a Wedding Photographer

Today, we’re diving into something I’m really passionate about: image hosting and gallery software for photographers. Having a great client experience with gallery delivery is an obligation for any photographer that wants to serve their couples best. Let's dive into the three reasons you need this image hosting software as a wedding photographer: CloudSpot is user-friendly for clients and photographers, a passive-income machine, and their customer service prioritizes photographers!
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How The Enneagram Can Help Your Photography Business

Every photography business owner wants to be a thriving entrepreneur. Is that you? It is not just strategy or execution, but how well you know your own strengths. Self-awareness involves your personality style, how you see the world around you, and why you see it that way.

Unique Ways to Utilize CloudSpot + Zapier for Your Photography Business

As a photographer, you’re busy! You’re managing the logistics of your photography business, your website, multiple projects, social media marketing, CRM, scheduling, emailing, shooting, culling, editing, delivering galleries, coordinating print sales, and SO much more. What if you could make a few of your photography business tasks automated with the CloudSpot and Zapier integration?

Doughnut Send Your Food Photography Clients' Imagery the Old Fashioned Way

Hi, I'm Nathaniel Crawford! I have been a commercial food and lifestyle photographer for the Chicago/Milwaukee area for over eight years. I get so many questions about my client relation strategies, so today, let's taco 'bout client galleries for food photographers.

Where to Start when Legally Establishing a New Photography Business

Starting a business can be a daunting task that usually starts with the question “How do I begin?” If you are struggling to know what your first steps should be then you have come to the right place. We here at The Legal Paige have partnered with CloudSpot to answer your most burning legal questions!