My Clients Fell Down!


“Now, go in for a kiss!”

It’s something I say pretty commonly during engagement shoots. I always try to change the way I speak to my clients depending on their individual personalities — so for a relaxed couple, “go in for a kiss” may be about as crazy as it gets.

But about a month ago, I was on an engagement shoot with a terrific couple of ours. They’re really fun, they joke with each other a lot, and there were a lot of good vibes coming from them in general. So for them, the old “go in for a kiss” line wasn’t what I was looking for — that would be far too vanilla.

We were walking down this shaded path lined by 40 foot trees, and the lighting was perfect. When the timing was just right I yelled “go in for the kill!” Our future groom reacted just as I had hoped… he grabbed her, brought her in close, and really laid one down on her… and for a moment, I thought we were going to capture a really romantic moment between the two. And then, this happened.