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Now Available on Mobile!

Now Available on Mobile!


Another big update today from the CloudSpot team as we release our mobile version of CloudSpot’s interface!

Photographers can now create beautiful online galleries and deliver their images…right from their mobile devices!


Just weeks ago, we announced that CloudSpot made a huge transition from a standalone desktop application to a web-based platform. With that move, came so many opportunities, and today is a great example of just one of the ways we want to help make your life easier as a business owner who is always on the go!

In this first release, you’ll be able to do

all of the actions below!

As photographers, so often we are NOT by our computers, but yet still need to easily access our library of client images.

From quickly pulling up a gallery to show at a client meeting, to updating a gallery between shoots - CloudSpot has you covered ❤️

Click the button below on any mobile device to jump straight to your CloudSpot dashboard…and enjoy!

We've the Web!

We've the Web!