Brand New Feature: Image Reordering

Version 6.4.1 is out, and it's a big one - CloudSpot now has image re-ordering!!

How many times have we all uploaded our images to an event, only to find a few photos that were completely our of order.  Terrible, right??  Well now, that frustration is a thing of the past. 

Step 1 is to get all up to date - many of you are on a newer version of CloudSpot, which auto-updates as you log in. But if you're on an old version, grab a fresh download here:


Within CloudSpot, the first thing you'll notice is the new drop down menu, which gives you 7 new options for sorting.  This will affect how your photos are laid out in your online photo gallery! See "capture date?"  Yep - CloudSpot can now sync your photos in order based on your cameras' internal clocks, so multi-shooter and multi-camera images can automatically be shifted into order.  Cool, right?

My favorite thing though has to be the custom order option, which allows you to drag and drop images into any order that you'd like.  Just make sure to hit that save button when you're done! That way, your images will show up when viewing your client photo gallery. Make it easy for your clients to find their photos!

To get a quick overview on how to use the new image reordering feature, as well as see how to select multiple images at once, check out the short video below.  Happy sorting!