New Feature

✨NEW✨ Dashboard Image Sorting

Now you can reorganize your images on CloudSpot to make your client’s experience even better! Sorting and manually rearranging photos is now super easy- check it out!
New Feature

CloudSpot + Dubsado: The Ultimate Team

CloudSpot is now integrated with Dubsado to make the lives and businesses of photographers everywhere even easier!

5 Easy Tips for Better Photo Sessions with your Couples

Here are a few super easy tips for getting the most out of photoshoots with your couples! See how one simple move changed a client’s whole mood!

Create Your Own DIY Black Friday Deal

Black Friday Sales are a great way for photographers to earn additional revenue during the busiest shopping days of the year. Stop letting your print sales fall by the wayside and put your business to work!
New Feature

✨NEW✨Custom Fulfillment Sales

Ordering prints on CloudSpot just got a little bit easier! We’re all about customization - find out how you can now custom-fulfill your prints!
New Feature

We've Moved to Stripe for Processing Gallery Sales

CloudSpot has moved to Stripe to process payments made through photographer's photo galleries! This allows customers and photographers from all over the world to place and receive order payments straight from their gallery.

7 Social Media Tips for Photographers with Natalie Franke

Natalie Franke, founder of the Rising Tide Society and a CloudSpot ambassador, talks about branding yourself on social media and growing your community!

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